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Filtration helps reduce allergens, provides dust control and maintains low pollen levels in your air. Filters usually need to be changed a minimum of twice a year. A good way to remember this is when daylight saving time changes, your filters need changing as well. If you live in an area with high levels of pollen or dust in the air, you need filter changes more frequently.

An air filter is a central part of your home's HVAC system and if not maintained properly you could cause costly clogging of the entire system. When a dirty air filter is part of the system in your home, it means your expenses in heating and cooling go up and your indoor air quality goes down. If you have pets in your home we recommend changing your filter even as often as once a month for optimum air quality and comfort.


At Saddleback Valley Air, we will make sure your air filters are changed on the proper date and maintained to offer you a more comfortable home. South Orange County is known for high levels of allergens and varying temperatures throughout the year. Having an HVAC contractor look at your air filters today will ensure you aren't over spending every month on heating and cooling utility costs. At Saddleback Valley Air we want to make sure you have the cleanest most comfortable home for you and your family! Call us today for an estimate.